Womens Sexual Health– Oh Yes…REAL Important!

Womens Sexual Health…Hey Baby Boomers…Now is The Time To Unleash Your Fiery Power So That You Can Enjoy Some Of Your Best Sex Ever!

womens sexual healthYes, ladies, Womens sexual health can be improved at any age– so baby boomers, you no longer have to accept the fact that your libido is reduced or gone, just because you have grown older and your human growth hormones (HGH) have decreased.

Eating a good quality diet, including regular exercises and reputable supplements can reverse aging and turn the tide for women of the baby boomer generation who may have given up hope.

You Can Feel Fantastic and Have Your Sex Hormones Raging With Your Brain Power At Its Peak.

womens sexual health
Womens sexual health is comprised of many other components. It’s important to note that your sexual health is very much connected to your physical and mental health. It’s well known that when you look younger, feel younger and have lots of energy, more than likely you are going to enjoy having sex after 50. Just imagine how fantastic its going to be for you when you have sex hormones raging and your brain power at its peak.

Getting rid of extra weight or that persistent belly fat can increase your self confidence and make you feel happier about your body which can easily translate into lots of exciting sexual experiences. Baby Boomers It’s also important to get yourself involved in activities that stimulate your mind. Maybe get involved in a community activity. How about this…get your hands on one of those brain games and do that activity every day; that’s a great way to keep your mind sharp.

Stop Seeing Yourself as An “Old Fuddy Duddy” Remember… You Are What Ever You Tell Yourself You Are

womens sexual health
OK…I know you’re wondering, “what is it that I have to do”…Well…the main thing you are going to have to do is change the way you think about your self. First off– stop seeing yourself as an “old fuddy duddy;” you have to remember that you are what ever you tell yourself you are.

Years ago I used to be a big flirt. For me it was fun and a way to boost my ego and the ego of the guys I flirted with. Today I am still a flirt, oh not as much as in my younger day, but just like exercising, I still like to keep my self in form.

Usually when I want to make sure I haven’t lost my touch, I wait until I have a function to go to where I know there will be lots of people. I get ‘dressed to the nines’– really decked out. I enter the function as though I’m a celebrity or a very important person, this usually attracts men and a few women coming over to speak to me. I also attract photographers asking to take my picture while others rush to have a photo taken with me also. I generally enjoy myself and leave the function feeling like YES I’VE STILL GOT IT!

Naturally you don’t have to do what I do, but the point is, you want to have a mindset of feeling attractive, and being a sensual loving woman and no matter how old, you are feeling comfortable with your sexuality.

OK Baby Boomers…Now Let’s Take A Look At Your Nutrition

womens sexual health
The quality of food you eat is very important in assuring both physical and sexual health and also assuring that you sleep better.
womens sexual health

Eliminate the ‘junk foods’ and add lots of raw fruits, vegetable and leafy greens to your diet. Salads with lots of raw veggies and shredded leafy greens e.g. kale are great. Drinking green juices and smoothies will do wonders for your health. Increasing your water intake, and maybe drinking 1-2 cups of green tea (which has lots of antioxidants and also helps with weight loss) every day is also going to work wonders for you.

Improve Women,s Sexual Health and Increase Libido by Adding to Your Diet– Zinc Rich Pine Nuts and Pumpkin Seeds

Anther thing you might do is cut down or totally cut out the red meats and eliminate fried foods. Try adding more fish particularly salmon due to the omega 3s. Women’s sexual health can also be improved and libido increased by adding zinc rich pine nuts and pumpkin seeds to your diet. You can sprinkle the pine nuts and pumpkin seeds over your salads. Adding bits of chili peppers or cayenne pepper sprinkled over food can act as an aphrodisiac, in addition there is an improvement in overall health from the addition of capsicum found in the hot peppers.

Important for Your Body to Feel Vibrant and Energized!

Getting that oxygen moving in your blood is important for your body to feel vibrant and energized. So regular exercising is very important to make that happen. There are different types of exercises you can do, including walking– depends on you and what you feel comfortable doing.

womens sexual health
I enjoy dancing so I put on music and just dance for 15 or 20 minutes, and once a week I take a yoga class. Years ago I used to take belly dancing classes. I enjoyed the classes and putting on the belly dance attire because it made me feel very sensual; so I’m thinking about ordering a belly dancing DVD and getting some attire so I can get back into that dance form right here in my house.

A Booster for Womens Sexual Health– GenF20 is a Potent Pill That Works as a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Releaser

As baby boomers we have another option to strengthen womens sexual health and it’s this: Recent formulation of peptides, amino acids, and other natural substances are bringing relief to countless women. There is a supplement proven to boost sex drive as well as fight fatigue. Another benefit is that it will increase metabolism, which results in weight loss.

GenF20 is a potent pill that works as a human growth hormone releaser. You may be familiar with human growth hormones (HGH). People have paid tens of thousands of dollars a year for injections of these hormones from doctors. Since injections are painful and expensive, the search was made for an alternative. Research has shown that certain natural substances stimulate the body to release more HGH with all of its anti-aging properties.

As we age, womens sexual health is affected because of decreased amounts of HGH in the body. By combining many potent ingredients into a pill with high but safe dosages, reverse aging can take place. You can increase your sex drive and look younger. The additional benefits of this supplement include improving memory and better metabolism with the ingredients acting as energy boosters.

If you want to look young again, increase sex drive, increase metabolism to lose weight, and sleep better, GenF20 a human growth hormone releaser, may be your answer. Naturally if you opt to take this supplement, you should take it in conjunction with all of the other things we talked about to improve your sexual health.

Well ladies…As a Grand Dames you know that womens sexual health can be improved at any age, and that ‘growing older’ is not the same as ‘getting old.’ So whether you’re 50 years or 90 now is as good a time as any to unleash your fiery power! …And here’s something else to think about…’WILD WOMEN DON’T womens sexual healthHAVE NO BLUES, Especially When You’re Over 50…’ 🙂 🙂
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