First Aid For Asthma Attacks

First Aid For Asthma Attacks-- FAFAA

FAFAA first aid for asthma attacksThe “CPR” For Asthma Attacks!

First Aid For Asthma AttacksFAFAA is a 13 minute emergency action video that teaches you HOW TO SAVE A LIFE when some one is having an asthma attack. Called the “CPR” for Asthma attacks, FAFAA  is  currently shown on YouTube, where it has received thousands of views. FAFAA is a protocol specifically developed as a holistic based emergency approach to managing asthma attacks. The main purpose of FAFAA is to SAVE LIVES! FAFAA protocol is based on the BI-AMP Bat-Imedt Asthma Management Protocol found in my book Golden Wings, Holistic Approach To Managing Asthma.

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In America’s current health care crisis, FAFAA can play a role in helping to reduce some of the most costly medical expenses, such as ambulance calls and trips to the emergency room. FAFAA is a perfect example of how health care costs can be significantly reduced by using a fresh new approach to a rapidly growing problem.

FAFAA supports the conventional medical protocol and is easily incorporated into hospital settings.


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FAFAA is a public service– a gift to humanity and so the video is not for sale.


In the United States there are over 20 million asthmatics and approximately 5,000 people die annually from asthma. Asthma is the third-ranked cause of hospitalization for children and the number one cause of school absenteeism, accounting for a total of 14 million missed school days. It’s time we took responsibility for ourselves and work to bring those numbers down. And do you know what– it’s not that hard. It’s just a matter of making a commitment with ourselves to revamp our lifestyle and keeping keeping that commitment.

At the top of the top of the revamp list is guess what? Uh huh…you got it– FOOD. Get a handle on what you are eating and what you feed your children and you’ll find that half the battle is won in preventing asthma attacks.

Take a look at the chart below– Holistic Preventive Tips For Children With Asthma. You may use this as a guide for asthmatic children  as well as yourself to prevent manage and control, asthma attacks. There is not too much difference between the children’s asthma chart and the adults. So feel free to improve your general health and state of well being and that of your family members–especially the asthmatic children.


First Aid For Asthma Attacks
First Aid For Asthma Attacks


Dear Yocheved,


I found the description, as outlined in the manuscript of your upcoming book, of various traditional approaches to deal with asthma very interesting and enlightening.


This book will no doubt contribute to the expanding field of alternative medicine and healing.

I especially appreciate your position that the traditional approach is to be used in conjunction with current medical interventions. Your professional and personal experiences with asthma are valuable resources to the Association.


I look forward to working with you and providing asthma presentations to school children and their parents. Also as discussed, we welcome you as a speaker/presenter in the asthma training workshop being planned for school and public health nurses.



Rami Bachiman Director, Community Education American Lung Association of New York

 Dear Ms. Bat-Imedt,


On behalf of the American Lung Association of New York, please accept our warmest thanks for presenting at the Asthma Management in Schools workshop for school nurses.


Your segment of the program was eloquently presented and much useful and practical information was given.


The workshop was attended by twenty-five nurses and, is indicated in their evaluation, it was a good experience.


Ms. Darby, Chapter Leader, expressed interest in having the workshop repeated for the other nurses who were unable to attend. I hope we can call on you again.



Rami Bachiman Director, Community Education American Lung Association of New York


 Dear Ms. Bat-Imedt,


Three years ago I was introduced to reflexology as a way of reducing the severity of asthma symptoms. I was both shocked and surprised that by massaging certain a reason the bottom of the foot, we could loosen the mucus in the bronchioles.


The key to the process was to drink 8 glasses of water per day and cut dairy products from your diet.


By introducing this process in our school, we have been able to decrease the number of times a child has to go to the emergency room at least during school day.


Since the introduction of the program, it has been much less of a hassle to convince a child to drink water.




Harriet McBride, RN NYC Board of Education


 Dear Nurse Yocheved,


Before Nurse Yocheved started giving me an asthma treatment, I had a lot of asthma. Now, I only have a little bit of asthma. Nurse Yocheved gave me an asthma treatment having to do with water.

Now I have really notice the difference. Nurse Yocheved told me not to eat dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream etc.) She told me to drink 2 cups of water every 3 hours, not hot or cold, room temperature water.

First I couldn’t run. Now I can run without getting asthma.


Dear Nurse Yocheved,

I am writing this letter so I can tell you the way I feel. Before I would always get asthma usually. But the first time I went to your office, that you gave me reflexology, and that you told me to drink room temperature, and to eat raw onions. I got better and now I feel like If I don’t have asthma.


While working at PS 152, Ms. Yocheved shared with me a reference chart to use when working with asthma students. I often refer to this chart and the methods outlined for controlling the on-set or severity of asthma attacks.   The children have been very receptive to these methods and the tension level has been lowered for both staff and students who are involved with asthma afflicted students.   Thanks for your assistance.

Sincerely, Stephen O’Hanlon APE Teacher

NYC Board of Education —

To Nurse Yocheved Bat-Imedt, RN:

In reference to the Hands on Healing remedy for asthma, I tried it on of my students, Yolacy. She is on the provental inhaler 2 puffs. She is breathing very shallow. I had her sit down then gave her 2 glasses of water.

I then placed my hands very lightly on her chest and back as you taught us. Then I did the reflexology with my knuckles as my fingernails were long.

After that treatment, I gave her another glass of water. In 30 minutes she was OK and went back to her class. This was about 10:00 AM. She remained in school for the balance of the day.

Ms. Mason, R.N.

Dear Ms Bat-Imedt,

I am writing to thank you and express my satisfaction in the Bat-Imedt Asthma Control Protocol. I have used it on some of my asthmatic students with remarkable success. Some kids went home and told their parents about their experience with the protocol.

A mother even came to the school and requested me to try it on her, being an asthmatic herself. She was pleased with the experience.

In view of the above, I have enclosed the sum of $5- for a copy of the Asthma Control Chart.

Once again, thank you.


Alexius O. Ughwanogho, R.N.

Dear Yocheved:

I just want to say thank you about that warm water therapy on our in-service for those who have an asthma attack, because I tried it once and it works.

Two days ago one student came to me accompanied by a friend with a complaint of difficulty breathing due to an asthma attack and wants me to call home to have her picked up.

After contacting the grandmother while we were waiting, I decided to conduct a little experiment by giving her warm water to drink about four glasses while resting before sending her to the office to be picked up.

At this time she claims to be a little better now. After about 30 minutes on my way back to the office to make a copy of my forms, somebody running almost knocked me down and that was her yelling at me that she sent her grandmother back home because she is alright now.


Federico V., R.N. School Nurse

Dear Ms. Bat-Imedt,

On behalf of Carol Gardens Tenants Association, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the Asthma Control Workshop you conducted at Carol Gardens.

Your presentation was truly enlightening.

Your workbook and reflexology/asthma control chart are excellent resources that have given many of us who are asthmatics a means by which we have a better understanding and control in managing our bodies.

Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge with us. It was truly a rewarding experience. Look forward to the publication of your book.

Sincerely yours,

Carmen Rodriquez-Slates President, CGTA

To whom it may concern:

Nurse Yocheved Bat-Imedt presents an important work that not only will help to increase the awareness of asthma but provides, in parallel, radically different approaches to prevention and management without abandoning proven traditional techniques.

This book provides very informative reading for those uninitiated in the growing movement of alternative medicine.

Joseph A. Tyndall, M.D.

For over a decade, Yocheved Bat-Imedt, RN, has been a consultant and workshop presenter for our organization, Comprehensive Resources, Inc. a leading school nurse provider.

Her Asthma workshops/seminars for registered nurses have been highly effective and well received. Her First Aid For Asthma Attacks (FAFAA) protocol is an important life-saving tool in the treatment of asthma attacks.

Joseph Geliebter, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer

Nurse Yocheved Bat-Imedt has dramatically changed our students’ lives since she has joined our staff. Daily children were in asthmatic distress relying solely on medication inhalers and nebulizers.

She taught our children how to relax and be in control of their asthma. The Yocheved Bat-Imedt protocol has made our children more independent, more active and much happier. Every doctor, nurse, parent and health care must heed her important message. Her method can truly save lives.

The ever increasing rate of asthma must be reduced and can be by using this common sense protocol. I sincerely thank Nurse Bat-Imedt for her diligence and enthusiasm and especially for all those wonderful smiles our children now have.

Mrs. Anne O’Malley, Health Coordinator- NYC Board of Education

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