About Me

Yocheved Bat-ImedtI Started this website Wen i GroWup because I wanted the site to be an extension of who I am. Through this website you will get to know me and naturally I will get to know you…LOL… actually writing this bio will be a kind of therapy for me because I generally don’t talk much about myself. Oh…do you like my photo– never mind I was just going to tell you that last year my daughter graduated from college and we took a bunch of photos and now you get to look at one. Okay…with that said, let me give you the short skinny about me.

I have an Eclectic array of Interests. In addition to Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, being a Vegetarian since 1964 and now a Raw Vegan for 18 years, I am a Registered Nurse, Holistic Health & Healing Arts Practitioner for the past 35 years and Holistic Asthma Consultant for 25 years.

The Author and Publisher of the book “Golden Wings, Holistic Approach To Managing Asthma. I also produced a 13 minute video First Aid For Asthma Attacks FAFAA, an emergency action video that teaches you how to save a life when some one is having an asthma attack. Currently shown in 3 parts on YouTube, where it has received thousands of views, FAFAA is a public service and is not for sale.

In addition I am a trained vocalist and performer since the 1980s. Singing ballads, standards, blues and jazz, my CD “Ybati Less is More” can be found on cdbaby.com. The CD has 15 tunes that feature just my vocals and piano.

YochevedYou know if I must say so myself yours truly can be quite adventurous too. A few years ago (even though it was scary) I took a walk over a bed of hot coals and in 2010 while on a visit to Denver, Colorado I fearlessly took a ride up in a hot air balloon, while leaving my daughter and son-in-law on the ground anxiously waving to me as I floated off…oh well…

And for those of you who may not know, Madam Pompadour– well LOL…that’s Ms Yocheved to you (LOL) is a numerologist, and has been for over 35 years. While in nursing school I used to have an ad in a newspaper, and the money I made from doing charts helped with my school expenses. Though not as active as back in the day, I still enjoy the art of helping people try to figure out who they are or what they wanna be when they growup.

Okay… let me see what else…Oh yes, I enjoy listening to a variety of music genre and artists. Don’t be surprised if you find me at a Nancy Wilson concert, or traveling on the Grey Hound with my headphones on listening to my favorite Bob Dylan CD, maybe watching the Hip Hop awards or trying to get tickets to see the opera ‘Madam Butterfly’ while getting ticked off because tickets for Lady Gaga were sold out.

While I enjoy reading a variety of books of different books, I also take a yoga class once a week and once a week I lift 10 lb weights with 30-40 repetitions. I can’t believe this but I’m gonna be 67 on my next birthday and I can still turn rope and jump double-dutch…HELLO..

Yocheved Bat-ImedtOh, In case you’re wondering about the name Madam Pompadour, well…that’s a name my mother used to call me whenever she felt I was getting just a little too beside myself. With her hands on her hips looking real annoyed she would bellow, “Girl just who do you think you are Madam Pompadour?!!” Now back then did I know who Madam Pompadour was– No…Do I know who she is now — No, but if you want to know who she is well… just google!