wen i growupAt the end of March of this year, I visited Denver, Colorado to see my Daughter, and while I was there I went to Elbert, about 7000 feet up in the mountains to do a 10 day Vipassana meditation course at the Vipassana Center.

Are You Looking For Inner Peace? Vipassana Meditation Is a Wonderful Way To Begin Your Spiritual Journey


Just to give you a feeling tone of what I experienced on this spiritual retreat, this is a silent meditation– There is ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING for 10 days, no cell phones, no books or other reading material, and no taking notes, so leave your pens and pencils behind.  There are  2 meals served daily– breakfast at 6:30 am and lunch at 11 am. wen i growupBedtime 9 pm with lights out by 10 and up at 4 am with sittings for meditation scheduled eight times throughout the day.

I tell you the experience was like having a baby! It was REALLY grueling, couldn’t wait to leave, but I was sooooo happy and grateful for the experience and really looked forward  to doing it again.

So have you heard about Vipassana meditation? Just in case you haven’t, let me  give you a short run down on what it is.

Vipassana Meditation Is An Ancient Simple Meditation Technique

wen i growupWell… Vipassana meditation is an ancient non-sectarian simple meditation technique, that dates back to India. It was rediscovered by Gotama the Buddha, 2500 years ago, and is the essence or core of what the Buddha practiced and taught.

Over time, following the death of the Enlightened One, the science of Vipassana  became  lost in India for hundreds of centuries.

However, in Burma, Vipassana continued to remain alive, and with the purity of its teaching in tact. For over two thousand years the practice and teaching of Vipassana meditation was transmitted from generation to generation by a small lineage of teachers and practitioners in Burma.

And Now…Fast Forward To Today…

Now…To fast forward to today, S.N. Goenka a student of the renowned Burmese Vipassana teacher, Sayagyi U Ba Khin was given the authority by U Ba Khin prior to his transition in 1971 to teach Vipassana. In 1969, S.N. Goenka started teaching in India. Ten years later he started setting up and conducting 10 day Vipassana courses around the world.

Today there are over 1000 assistant teachers trained by S.N. Goenka, and well over a 100 centers, world wide, including right here in the United States, where the first North American center was established in 1982 at Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

Courses Offered At No Monetary Cost to Student…Students Offer Financial Donations, Request To Volunteer Or Serve

wen i growupVipassana courses are conducted at no monetary cost to the student.

Centers are financially sustained through the donations contributed by students, who feel they have benefited from taking the course, and now have the desire to offer the same opportunity to others.

Students also contribute by offering their services to the center as volunteers or servers.



Ten Day Programs For Prison Inmates

Vipassana offers and have offered ten-day programs for prison inmates and staff in some countries including the United States. In India, over 10,000 inmates have attended courses.


OK…I Did It Again…

OK… I did it again… this time I sat for a 3 day Vipassana training in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts– short but rewarding. And… I have signed up to go back to Shelburne Falls, the 1st week of November to give 10 days of service. I am sooooo Looking forward to that time.

Well… I just thought I’d share this tidbit with you…   🙂

If you would like to know more about Vipassana meditation and its worldwide course schedules, do visit the Vipassana website: