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What can vegans eat” keeps coming to mind as you consider launching into a new lifestyle. Vegetarian is one thing, you are thinking, but vegan takes it to a whole new level. What is the difference, anyway?

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Put simply, all vegetarians avoid fish, seafood, poultry, and meat, however lacto vegetarians include dairy products, but no eggs; ova vegetarians eat eggs, but no dairy. Ova-lacto vegetarians consume both eggs and dairy.

Vegans, on the other hand, eat only plant based foods and raw food vegans are generally 90- 100% raw. The only cooked food that raw food vegans  may eat is the grains i.e. quinoa. Otherwise, for most raw food vegans, everything else is raw. In addition to vegans not eating flesh of any kind or animal products, health conscious vegans do not nuke their food in microwave ovens.


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by Janet Bruno MD Published August 19, 2010


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what can vegans eatWhat can vegans eat…you may be wondering…even though when you think about the diet of a vegan, it sounds very healthy. Well just because you eat vegan does not mean no ‘junk food.’ The problem lies in some vegans not knowing what foods are truly healthy.

A common error made by newbies is to consume too much ‘junk food.’ The processed stuff that proudly states on labels that it is vegan, entices many a newcomer into believing these foods are good for you. Often they consist of refined flour and sugars, rather than the healthier complex carbohydrates.

what can vegans eatThese labeled vegan processed foods most times do not contain additives; however your body can wind up nutritionally deficient if ‘junk food’ is primarily what you are eating.

Soy Products Unless Fermented Should Be Consumed In Moderation

To be a healthy on a vegan diet, You need to include lots of organic leafy greens, organic vegetables, fruit, organic whole grains and– not just brown rice. Beans, nuts, seeds and sprouts can supply your protein.

what can vegans eatYou can eat soy products, however, it is advised that you eat soy products (i.e. tofu) in moderation unless they are fermented— i.e. tempeh, and miso. Don’t forget you should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily.

One of the most nutritious grains you can eat is quinoa. Quinoa is a grain that has been eaten for hundreds of years by the Incas of Peru. Quinoa is the only grain that provides complete protein. One cup of quinoa provides 16% protein, in addition to 15% iron, 3% calcium, 28% phosphorus, 9% potassium, 30% magnesium as well as good amounts of other minerals and B complex vitamins.

what can vegans eatTo insure your health in a vegan lifestyle, food composition should be at least 75% raw and 25% cooked. Although the commercial vegan market offers a wide variety of healthy unprocessed foods, a note of caution is in order. THOSE FOODS ARE NOT HEALTHY!

Still Wondering… What Can Vegans Eat? With Your Own Creativity…You Can Experiment And Come Up With Your Own Vegan Dishes”

 what can vegans eat There are tons of recipe books that provide recipe dishes with great nutritional value– look good and taste delicious. If you have the gift of your own creativity, you can just experiment with different ingredients and come up with your own spectacular dishes.

You can prepare great protein dishes from nuts and seeds. On the internet, recipes abound with substitutions for baked goods or at breakfast you can assemble your own personal favorites.

what can vegans eatFor example banana can be substituted for egg in baking to hold your recipe together.

The Key To What Vegans Can Eat Include A Strictly Plant Based Diet.

With so many vegan adherents in today’s society, it is easy to find helpful hints for enjoying this lifestyle. Get a good heavy duty blender i.e. Vitamix and make green smoothies. There are a number of books and recipes online.

what can vegans eatGoogle the name Victoria Boutenko, you’ll find she’s the master of making smoothies. One year Victoria presented a seminar and workshop on blending leafy greens and fruit, which I attended.

During the seminar, she presented a lot of her research on the efficacy of combining of leafy greens and fruit.  During the workshop we had a great time; we were given the opportunity to try a number of combinations many of which were delicious.

So please make it your business to go online and check her out. I myself make smoothies nearly every morning. You’d be surprised how filling they are.

So…If you really want to know What Can Vegans Eat? Take yourself to a bookstore and scour the vegetarian section for vegan recipe books or go online and search.

You Can Build A Business Around A Vegan Diet.

what can vegans eatNow to change the subject… you can build a business around your discoveries, as you improve the quality of your health. Finding out about what it is that vegans eat, is valuable information that many people would be interested in learning about. You can have fun while blogging about your suggestions.

Setting up your own website is easier than ever. It is simple to develop a reputation as an authority on what vegans can eat. As you share your tips for a vegan lifestyle, you build a following of people that are waiting for your next blog entry.

what can vegans eatI know it is hard to believe, but when you give valuable information based on personal experience, people love it.

 Along your journey of discovery, you will find products that have helped you and will help your readers. Some of these recommendations may be on Amazon, so you become an affiliate and set up a link on your website that leads to the checkout where purchases are made. You get credit for the sale with a commission.

what can vegans eatIn fact, on Amazon, quite often you will earn money for other sales totally unrelated to your offering, because people keep on shopping once they are there.

You may run across a great Ebook with recipes or hints on what vegans can eat. By placing a click-able banner on your site that leads to a sales page, you can earn more commissions on those sales. Why you can even write your own Ebook and market it on Amazon.

what can vegans eatAre you beginning to see the potential? Developing a new vegan lifestyle can lead to a successful business opportunity as you share your findings with a hungry audience. As they ask…What can vegans eat– you tell them, and watch your business grow as you tell your story and reveal your personal journey as a vegan.

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