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Yocheved Bat-Imedt

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I say Our website because Wen i GroWup will be a GREAT website where you can visit and  feel free to interact and  put in your ‘two cents’.  Your input is very important if we are to have this great website.  So I want you to please feel welcome to read the blogs and leave comments or suggestions. Quality content and serious participation is what will make Wen i GroWup a fantastic website.

Do checkout the fine arts gallery and take advantage of the information available on First Aid For Asthma Attacks – a protocol that teaches you what to do when someone is having an asthma attack, even if there is no medication.  Again, please leave comments engage in dialogue, and feel comfortable to disagree should you feel the need arise.

Wen i GroWup is a whimsical eclectic website covering  diverse topics. In addition to holistic heath and wellness issues, I will talk  about Home Based Business Ideas,  Spiritual Science, Raw Vegan and Vegan diets and weird stuff like Urine Therapy.

Some blogs may focus on men issues, other times women and women over 50 and from time to time children.  If  I come across interesting information about pets I will blog about that.  Basically…LOL… it will be whatever I wake up thinking about.

I  intend to focus on writing quality blogs that  give real value  and information so that every time you visit Wen i  GroWup, you leave armed with information or maybe a chuckle about something funny you read.  Oh… my quirky thoughts are found right under the blog section.

I am also available for Holistic Health Consultations, Numerology Readings and as many of you know Training in First Aid For Asthma Attacks.

LOL…It will be nice if we windup having our own twitter only much quieter.

Blessing EveryOne and Again…Welcome to Wen i GroWup!Yocheved Bat-Imedt